Monday, December 28, 2015

Nobody's Perfect

Only God is perfect in that He loves Himself as much as He can be loved; only the saints in Heaven are perfect in that they love God as much as they as creatures can love Him: their love always tends toward God "as much as it can." But Christ would not command us to be perfect if it were not possible to be perfect in this life in some sense: there are people in this world who are perfect because they follow Matthew 5:48 by cooperating with God's grace to remove everything (mortal sin) from their affections contrary to love, and everything that would prevent their "mind's affections from tending wholly to God," even though (excepting our Lord and our Lady and Sts. Joseph and John the Baptist{2}) their affections might not always in fact tend to God.

Notes & References
{1} St. Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologica, II:II, q. 184, art. 2, resp. <>.


G Sanchez said...

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Will R. Huysman said...

Thank you brother. Please email me at thebananarepublican[at]gmail[dot]com - pray for me, a sinner!