Friday, May 26, 2017

My Dominican Vocation

God has given me a vocation to the Dominican life so that I can best live out these gifts of His: a burning apostolic and missionary zeal to "praise God, bless Him, and preach Him everywhere" speaking "only with God or about God" and to "live, defend, and propagate the faith in the atmosphere of the Church" by means of the celebration of the Sacraments especially the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, love of contemplative silence, purity and detachment "from all evil," "continual prayer and immolation," manly strength founded in the certainty "of the redemptive power of the Cross," inextinguishable joy flowing from my "adoption by grace into the very Family of the Trinity," fierce loyalty even unto martyrdom to the Catholic Church especially the pope and bishops and religious superiors, an intense love of Our Lady and her Most Holy Rosary, an ardent longing to imitate the lives of the Dominican saints, and an insatiable desire for the study of truth (cf. Fr. M. M. Philipon, O.P., "The Dominican Soul" 

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